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Gold Business

International Swiss Gold is a gold-mining and investing company since 1996. We are specializing in mining gold, selling gold mining machine, buying and selling bullion (LM; Indonesian brand), from Indonesia and other countries.

Indonesia has abundant natural resources. Our vision and mission is to increase people’s standard of living by creating new workplaces and increasing investor’s monthly income. Invest in us, and we will provide you cash payment every month.

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Help your income monthly guaranteed and without risk for whole life.

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Head Office :
Wisma BII Lt. 7 ruang 709
Jl. Pemuda no 60-70
Surabaya 60271 INDONESIA
Telp. 031-5320351 ext 0740 / 031-5340806
Fax. 031-5320401
Mobile : 081-9383 33959
Flexi : 031-70175700
Starone : 031-60422096

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